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Habitat for Humanity of Langlade County, Inc.

About Habitat for Humanity of Langlade County, Inc

Founded in 2001 Habitat for Humanity of Langlade County works in partnership with people from all walks of life to assist people in need by building and renovating homes so that our disabled, our elderly, our youth, our friends and our neighbor have safe and decent homes.

On average since 2001 we’ve built one home a year. With the homes built, we have given approximately 25 children a safe home, more stability, and a better chance to succeed with their future. A Habitat home has helped a man in a wheelchair become more mobile and have a better quality of life. He now can have family gatherings at his home vs before Habitat friends and family would have to physically carry him in his wheelchair into different homes, so he could participate in family events. It was quite the ordeal for him to go anywhere.

Another Habitat home helped a family with 4 kids finally settle into one home vs moving 8 times in 7 years giving the children stability and the consistency they needed. The parents learned skills on how to budget and manage money. Life is going much smoother these days for this family of six. Habitat homes are not a handout, but rather a helping hand. Families put in sweat equity helping to build their home, they are required to take classes on money management, set up living wills, learn about property insurance, and how to maintain a home. The home is not given to the family, they have a mortgage payment at zero or at low interest rate. The payment is escrowed to include property taxes and property insurance as well.

Since 2015 we have been able to offer our Critical Repair home repair program. This allows us to make small repairs on the homes of low-income families. In 2016 our main corporate sponsor changed their giving policies; which caused the funding for the Critical Repair and the home build program to be scaled back drastically. We currently are turning people away that are calling asking for help with projects. Projects such as handicap accessible ramps needed for their homes. There have been instances where people could be discharged from the hospital to go home IF only, they had a ramp. But since they do not, they are placed in the nursing home for rehab until they are well enough to go home. We’ve had calls of elderly that fear slipping and falling and therefore need steps repaired or walk in showers installed for safety. We can often find volunteers to do the work, however we do not have the funds to purchase the supplies.

Once a year we partner with Mission Antigo, where together volunteers and local churches commence once a year for one week to complete 8 preselected low-income family home repair projects. This is a great program but there are so many families that are still in need of help in our community.

We are always looking to add to our volunteer list and need licensed contractors to help! If you’re interested in helping, please be sure to talk to one of our event volunteers, they will be running around wearing referee shirts, or contact us today!

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Habitat for Humanity of Langlade County works in partnership with God and people from all walks of life to develop communities with people in need by building and renovating houses so that there are safe, decent homes in Langlade County in which every person can experience God’s love and can live and grow into all that God intends.

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